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Talking tins

Fee: £ 0.00 for 28 days

Location: Ormiston March (Queens St)
Condition: A - As new
Code: 115

Talking Tins are designed to help children of all ages to develop their speaking and listening skills. Talking Tins allow you to record and playback your own voice messages, music or sound effects. With a recording times of 20(yellow) & 40(red) seconds these are highly appealing to learners who respond well to auditory and tactile learning styles.
they are also to help identify the contents of tinned food and various other household objects. Simply record a message by speaking in to the talking tin's speaker, attach it to a tin of food, bottle or household spray and press the play button to hear your recorded message.

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Whittlesey Community Hub (Library)
Ormiston March (Queens St)